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Nutella Hot Chocholate

Who doesn’t love Nutella? This choco-hazelnut spread has become one of world’s most popular spread all over the world. And lately, people are likely more creative to use Nutella not only as a spread to the toast. And few days ago, I made nutella hot chocolate which taste really good.

Milk                 1 cup
Nutella              2 tbs
Cinnamon powder

How to make:
  • In a low heat, pour the milk into a sauce pan, be sure to set it in medium to low heat because you don’t wanna burn the milk
  • Add 2 tbs of nutella, if you like it sweeter, add more, if you like it not too sweet, add less
  • Stir until it's well combined and add a pinch of cinnamon
  • Pour the nutella hot chocolate to a mug and top it with some whipp cream, cinnamon powder and chocolate chips
  • voila! it is ready to be enjoyed

Requires only 3 ingredients and taste so good, what to not love about that? This is a recipe for one serving only, if you want more just double the portion. Give it a try, and good luck!

Nutella Hot Chocholate

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