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3 Most Common Pregnancy Questions

Hello there, welcome to my #BabyUpdates where I share all about my experience during pregnancy. Me and hubby have waited for so long to reach final trimester which we finally are! Now we’re just waiting around for the baby to pop out. As we know that being pregnant is something that makes you feel special, because “There’s a Baby, in You”.

But let’s be real, pregnancy is not always about glowing and glorious. These days, it’s more than about being kicked in the ribs and peeing a thousand times a day. So, here I have some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions that family and friends been asking about.

What food are you craving for?
I think earlier in the pregnancy I had obsession with everything that is fresh such as fruit (especially banana and Srikaya) and ice cream. I can have banana and ice cream like… E V E R Y D AY !! To the second trimester, I could not have no chocolate to pass the day. And the chocolate I love the most were Silverqueen and Fererro Rocher. The best Chocolate ever! But lately, I don’t have any obsession with food or snack, I prefer doing experiment in my kitchen and make my own meal rather that going to store or café to buy some.

How much weight have you gained during pregnancy?
Its’s a million dollar question. Isn’t it? For some women, weight is a very sensitive issue. And even in Indonesia, people will always commenting about your weight even if you’re pregnant. When you gain weight up to 10 kilos or less, people will say “you’re too small for being a preggy” or “are you sure you are well nutritioned?”. And  if you gain 15-20 or up, then people will say “you are too big”,  “are you  being pregnant or having a sugar sickness?” .

Well, no matter how much weight you gain, people will always give you some bad comments even when they mean joking, still it’s sometimes sarcastic and sensitive. For me, as long as my Doc says my baby is in good condition, normal weight, then I don’t have to worry. Psst.. Now i'm in the 7 month of my pregnancy (not too long to go till the 8 month) and I’ve gained the total weight of…. 8kilos.

What challenges you during pregnancy?
Oh yes, of course there are challenges. In my first trimester I had to deal with nausea, back pain and headache. I had no appetite in consuming staple food and I lost 3 kilos weight. I also had some issues with constipation in my second trimester. Until I had to use Microlax (kind of thing for constipation), and I double my portion of consuming mineral water, fruits, vegetable, all kinds of fiber. In my final trimester, I had toothache every midnight even when I have consumed enough calcium. I went to the dentist to clean up my teeth, but still the toothache wouldn’t go away. When I asked my doc, he said it’s something normal. No need to worry because the baby needs calcium to help growing its bones. The calcium is taken from mommy’s bones and teeth, no wonder I had toothache. And a friend suggested getting more calcium such as adding CDR (Calcium D Redoxon) aside of pregnant milk, which works really well. I have no problem with toothache ever since.

Lately, I have some itches around my baby bump but I can do nothing with it. People say if I round up my itches it will leave stretch mark that lasts forever (…seriously?). So I just put some oils and talcum powder to reduce the itchiness.

Well, I think that’s pretty much enough for my #BabyUpdates. It's not so long to go till the time, please pray with us for a save, painless, quick delivery of the baby. (yes… painless) Amen. :) 

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