Somewhere in Maha Vihara Mojopahit - Diary Ayuk Hartini

Somewhere in Maha Vihara Mojopahit

Some where in Maha Vihara Mojopahit...

Nicole : Hey Ayu, What is your weight? 

Me : 45 kilos, why?

Nicole : Nothing, wanna take a picture?

Me : Sure.

Nicole : Didit, can you take us a picture please?

Didit : Okay. 

*then Nicole was suddenly lifted me up, i was so surprised and fear of falling at the same time*

Didit : Okay girls, ready? 1, 2, 3, say cheese!

Me : Whooooa! Nic, what are you doing!! Holy crap! what if i fall?

Nicole : No worries, i just want to have a picture with you copying that Sleeping Buddhist pose! hahaha.

#PeopleAroundUs Day #4 
NB : latepost, harusnya kemarin saya postingnya, karena ini sudah Day 5. Hehe.

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